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These apprenticeships are a commitment to a 6 month process to expand your spiritual path through Shamanic practice.  Students will be grounded with teachings that are merged from African & Peruvian shamanic practice. 


The most important foundation of these offerrings is the safe container which will support students to be authentic and safe in working to shed stories & wounds that have blocked spiritual alchamy. 


THIS IS A 6 MONTH COMMITMENT TO YOURSELF AND YOUR OWN SPIRITUAL GROWTH.  Beginning in May we will gather 1 weekend per month, students are welcome to stay overnight.  The classes will be held Saturday/Sunday 1X per month, May thru October.  We will usually begin on Saturday @ 10AM and strive to complete our work early Sunday afternoon.  There will be one weekend that will be a 3 day gathering (June or July) in which we will open the container to other attendees.


This is a workshop/apprenticeship for students that are commited to their own spiritual growth through shamanic practice.


Shamanic Women’s Apprenticeship                  


This apprenticeship is an intensive study in the aspects of core shamanism.  In this study the student will work within the sacred space of a safe container.  The teachings of our Native American culture of the circle and the talking stick become the foundation for our work in this container.


As an apprentice student you will reclaim your own personal power, your beauty, your strength and the ability to manifest and transform through inner works and the gifts of Pachamama.


Each apprentice draws to herself the specific teachings she needs while living here. The apprenticeship takes place over a 6 month period, and each student is committed to attending the one weekend per month workshop.  Each weekend is a Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon commitment.   However there may be one month that will be an extended period of time (Friday to Sunday) but, we will work our calendars and set that date once we have established our sacred circle of participants.  Students are encouraged to stay overnight and share mealtime that helps to further facilitate the strong bonding of the circle.

A live-in apprenticeship gives you an opportunity to learn:

* How to identify and work cohesively in the safety of a sacred circle

* How to build your own personal medicine tools

* The importance of Ritual in our lives and how to incorporate ritual and daily offerings

* How to keep yourself healthy, and how to deal with a variety of problems
* How to use help from our spirit guides, power animals and our Ancestors

* The wisdom of the talking stick and the sacredness of the healing lodge
* Learn about the elements and how they influence our daily lives

* Building your own shrines and Altars

* Shamanic exploration of Drumming & sound healing


This is just a sampling of the many transformational techniques that you will experience in this apprenticeship.  Once we have our established circle the schedule will be set for the 6 month experience of a lifetime. 


In our world that is all consuming “on fire” is the way the Dagara cosmology describes it, we often can’t see the opportunity through the smoke, we can only see the reasons “why not” vs. taking the risk to give ourselves the beautiful gift of time to focus on feeding our souls. This work is well worth the financial and time commitment.  Put it out to the universe and be open to the answer that you receive.  This is your life, your time, you are worthy!


Are you ready to experience a powerful shift in your life?



Cost $1500.00 per student - payment plan available
$500 deposit required to hold the space




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