The wisdom of The Medicine Wheel

The oldest medicine wheel in existence is the Moose Mountain Medicine Wheel in Southern Saskachewan, Canada. The alignments of this wheel are similar to that of Bighorn, and are most accurate for the period 200 B.C.E to 100 C.E. It is believed that this medicine wheel pre-dates Christianity by 500 years. It also confirms the knowledge of cyclic events to the peoples of this time.

Another wheel created in more recent times by a Chippewa medicine man, Sun Bear, teaches balance, harmony and brotherhood of all humankind.

While these wheels have all been studied over time, we may never know or truly understand how the were used by the ancients, as they are still cloaked in mystery. What we can explore are the many teachings passed through the generations of ancestors that tell us what the wheel represents and seek to apply those teachings to our lives and to bring ourselves in balance with Creator, ourselves and all within and without! We are all related…. We are all one!

It is all represented in the wheel, the cycles of the seasons, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical teachings, cultural representations, animal guides and their energies, feminine and masculine energies, astrology connections, it is a gift that helps us recognize what energies need to be brought into alignment to reach a better balance among all.

Balance is the primary goal when diving into the energies of the wheel, each of the cardinal directions teach us where are energies are focused and may be an opportunity for adjustment. As we work with the wheel we develop "tools" to re-align and obtain stronger harmony with all of our relations. We are truly, all one in our Creator's eyes.

What about the wheel and Shamanism?

Are they one in the same? The answer is that this is not the case. The word “Shaman” was first used by the Tungus tribe of Siberia and it refers to a person that ravels in altered states of consciousness to a “non-ordinary reality”. This state is brought about through rhythmic drumming, chanting, sweat lodges, vision quests, breathwork and other means of entering this altered state. Some tribes use psychedelic drugs to induce this state, as well.

While the teachings of the wheel are a part of the shaman’s way, being a shaman is so much more. It is not something you learn from a book or a class. You can no more become a shaman by reading about the Medicine Wheel than you can become a priest by reading the bible. In some cultures the Shaman is chosen by spirits, in some they are identified prior to birth. Some experience a near death experience which to the tribes signified that the spirits had chosen them for this path.

While the wheel can help you to attune to the Creative spirit, learning the way of the Medicine wheel does not make you a shaman. The Universe simply does not work this way.

The wheel will teach us holistic foundations upon which to base our lives. These teachings show us that there was a time where humans were closer in connection to the forces of Nature and the elements of Mother Earth. They lived in balanced harmony with all things.

The wheel is a full representation of “The great circle of Life”. By walking together on this path we open ourselves to spiritual growth of the highest order.

Cindy offers an Intensive teaching to learn the teachings and energies of the medicine wheel. To find out more and get started on your own journey with the wheel stop in and fine out more at APU Mountain Spirit Medicine, LLC.

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