"One Sky above us"

Unity, Individuality and Customs!

Each of us, at one time or another have experienced a situation so intense and challenging that we could not depend simply upon ourselves. With the unity of our "tribe" those we hold dear enormous challenges become smaller challenges, a problem shared is a problem cut in half!

In the Native culture, there are no written laws. Customs are handed down generation to generation through story telling. These are the laws that guide them. If one acts in contrary to the customs, they risk the censure of the Nation. This acts as a mighty band binding all in a social and honorable agreement.

Children are encouraged to develop strict self-discipline and a high regard for sharing. Sharing the "fruits" of their successes with the Elders is common practice, children were encouraged not to be lazy and to grow straight - like a sapling!

Conversations were never approached in a hurried fashion. Time for a breath of contemplation or thought of what was being said was common practice. True politeness, encourages a moment of silence before talking, as in the Lakota way "thought comes before speech".

All birds, even those of the same species are not alike. The reason our creator does not make two beings (winged, fured, two-legged, four-legged, creepy crawlers, etc.) alike is because each are placed here to be the independent individual that they are.


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