Energies of the East Mental Clarity, Dreams & Visions

With the arrival of the full moon in April (Budding Trees moon) we begin our transition to the East on the Medicine Wheel journey. Along the spirit path of the East we discover the gifts of healing our mental well being. These gifts come to us in the form of Mental Clarity, Wisdom and Illumination. These are the masculine energies.

With Clarity, we come to understand that this can sometimes be a two-edged gift. It can either open up the world for us, or help us to create our own prison in which we place ourselves. We sometimes become so happy to find our way through confusion that we grasp on to the first small glimpse of clarity and make it the whole truth, when a bigger picture is still waiting to be discovered. Clarity helps us to navigate our world in a less complicated manner. It also supports us in communicating more directly. With clarity comes an awareness that this gift lives in our minds and we must not lose sight of the fact that the true knowledge and gift comes from our hearts.

The next gift along the spirit path of the east is that of wisdom. With wisdom we develop a better understanding of life and how it works. With wisdom we honor the knowing of what is good for us and then acting upon that knowledge. We also develop the ability of discernment. Discernment comes when we have had an experience and we are able to then temper that experience with understanding. It is one thing to have knowledge, but it is another to know how to apply it. With wisdom we become the sage of our own life.

Lastly, we have the gift of illumination. With illumination we open up to the sacred connection and energy with our higher power (however you refer to it) and allow the sacred energy to flow freely through us. This energy helps us to navigate in the world that is around us, with the ability to see and recognize the truth and the light in all. Illumination brings us to the place where we deeply understand our connection to all of life and the Universe.

The direction of the East is one of new beginnings. It brings the promise that there is always a new dawn. It is a time of freshness, newness, enthusiasm and creativity. Our plant and animal relations are all in the process of rebirth. We have transitioned through the time of darkness into the time of light. It is a time that reminds us that all things are possible! We see everything around us bursting with a new energy.

Just as the Eagle flies high up in the sky touching it's wings with the hands of our Creator, we too find our connection and envision our new beginnings!

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