Raising your vibration with your spiritual name.

A dear sister of mine just was given her native american spirit name. I can tell you the name, but I will hold sacred who it belongs to.

And the name is... CROW WIND RIDER


So why have a name that you hold sacred and tell nobody what it is?

We all have our physical birth names that we were given, sometimes we dislike them so intensely that we change them.

A spiritual name is "Sacred", it is the name that holds the key to your own destiny by tapping into your unique vibration and your heavenly identity. The sound current within the name holds a kind of accelerating power, so that when you hear it or speak it aloud, you are vibrating more and more along the lines of your own true nature. A spiritual name is a roadmap to your own spiritual destiny. Once you have one, you know where to focus and where to try to go.

The spiritual name connects our being to our soul. Just as our physical name connects us with our physical body, our spirit name connects us to our soul.

It is a powerful vibratory blessing, a name that we should use with reverence and respect.

So my friend asked how this name resonated with me with my shaman background. I found it to be the perfect name for my friend.

A crow is a symbol of magic & transformation. The crow has 5 species, one of which is the Raven (my personal fav). It's one of the smartest birds and the colors of the feathers are deep black with an almost bluish tone. This is the color of creation. The womb from which the "new is born". My friend is beginning to walk her path her journey and I cannot think of a more appropriate friend to keep by one's side on this walk.

Wind Rider symbolizes to me the whispers of our ancestors that are carried our way through the wind. They guide and support us always.

I know that my friend hears this wisdon and is connected to it.. so again, the name is fitting.

My friend wanted input from others of what resonates with them when they hear this name.. join in on our converstaion with your intuiton.

Ashe "Crow Wind Rider"!

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