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Ann Sousa is a Shamanic Practitioner and Diviner, currently studying with Malidoma Somé, a West African Shaman. She has visited and traveled with Peruvian Shamans. She is a Shamballa and Reiki master. She holds a degree in Mental Health and Science, and has done extensive work in the process of death and dying for the past 25 years. Ann is an intuitive healer, channeling energy with the ancestors and the universe. She practices daily sacred ritual with the ancestors and has a deep and abiding connection with that realm.  Ann is also a certified Fire Walk instructor. 


Ann conducts many workshops & also tours throughout the year.  For more information visit her site by clicking on the picture to the left.

Pierre Garreaud is a Peruvian Sound Healer, Shaman and Teacher.  Pierre offers many workshops throughout the year, private healing sessions and tours to Peru and the Rain Forest.  For further details on Pierre's offerings click on the image to the left.

Doña Ysabel & Doña Olinda represent a wonderful balance of heart, power and laughter.  These two very kind souls are divoted to their healing practice (for over 30 years).  The often return to the US to offer workshops, Healing Ceremonies and Individual healing sessions.

The Twins are very sought out in Northern Peru, working almost 7 days a week.  There are often long lines of people with terminal illnesses gathering every morning at their Holistic Clinic seaking healing.  They are famous for healing the impossible and credited with miraculous healings.


The twins are featured in the book about Female Spirituality and Healing in Northern Peru titled:
 "The Gift of Life" by Bonnie Glass-Coffin.

To find out when the Twins are available in the US click on the image to the left.


Born in India, Kalashree Sengupta embarked on her healing path eight years ago when she learned Reiki in Kolkata. Studying Business and Finance in Boston University, she always knew there was a greater purpose for her.


Her journey of coming to Boston led her to Ipswich where she further educated herself in Massage and Polarity Therapy realizing her gift of healing hands. Alongside her Bodywork training at Spa Tech Ipswich MA, she also took shamanic training to heal her own patterns and give life purpose readings to those who want to come into their true life purpose. She continues her journey to help others realize their infinite healing potential and their highest authentic self.

Susan Angelo - Shamanic Spirit Song Alternative & Holistic Health


What is Shamanic Spirit Song Method?

Shamanic Spirit Song Method is a combination of song, words, tones, drumming, rattling, and other nature sounds used to balance the clients' sense of self. Shamanic Spirit Song Method brings up emotions in a safe, loving environment allowing them to be cleared. In clearing these stuck emotions, you free yourself up to move forward in your life. A shamanic healing will soothe your senses, expand your spirit, and access your inner knowing. Susan Angelo developed this method over the past 5 years blending her natural intuitive gifts with her training as an energy practitioner. She is a graduate of the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine and a certified Reiki Master.
Susan also works with her Dragon Crystal from Arkansas, a 130 lb Quartz in her office which was mined by her friend Sage.  Click on Image to the left to learn more.

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