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Working with the Lunar Cycles

The Full Moon Rituals

The Full Moon is the phase of the lunar cycle most closely connected with successful manifestation, so make the most of this period. You should be feeling more energized than ever! Also, you should have strong abilities to both experience gratitude and give love.

If there is anything challenging or a little daunting that you need to do to achieve your life goals, this is the ideal time to engage with it. You’ll be confident, strong, and focused on a positive outcome.

The Waning Gibbous Moon Rituals

In the waning gibbous phase, the moon is gradually becoming less lit. However, don’t make the mistake of assuming that you can’t do extremely useful Law of Attraction work around this time. In particular, any manifestation moon ritual that focuses on reflecting or taking stock will lead to especially high levels of insight around this time.

You might enhance your self-knowledge by methodically uncovering your deepest limiting beliefs. Or, you could focus on working out your life’s true purpose if you have underlying doubts about what you really want to attract.

The Last Quarter Moon Rituals

When the moon is the last quarter, you have the best chance of successfully completing personal development work. So, if your reflection during the waning gibbous phase led you to discover that you’re being held back by old assumptions and messages from the past, this is an ideal time to take action to change those beliefs.

You might consider starting weekly therapy sessions, begin a journaling habit, or write down positive beliefs and turn them into daily affirmations.

The Waning Moon Rituals

Finally, when you reach the waning moon stage, you’re actually just 72 hours away from another new room (and another chance to set fresh goals). As such, it’s smart to think about what you can do to let go.

Firstly, you need to let go of negative things you’re holding on to, such as grudgesguilt and regrets. Whether you need to gain closure by speaking to someone or can design a moon ritual to perform alone, it’s good to unburden yourself.

Secondly, consider how to let go of your dreams as well. After all, if you cling on too tightly then you restrict the Universe from properly acting in your favor.

Trust that you can and will get what you want, and visualize yourself releasing that desire into the world.

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The New Moon Rituals

The beginning of a new lunar cycle is the perfect time to perform rituals that relate to setting goals for the month. For example, you might want to make a list of the steps you will take to achieve your goal, then read them out loud, and find a prominent place to display them over the coming week.

It’s also important to do mindfulness meditations at this time, slowing the thoughts and centering the heart.

The Crescent Moon Rituals

When the crescent moon appears, it’s time to switch to moon rituals that focus on steadily building up your inner power.

Intention Point work is useful at this time, as is deliberately cleansing your life of negative influences that are draining your power. Think toxic relationships, old clutter you don’t need, and work situations that no longer suit your purposes.

The First Quarter Moon Rituals

As the moon moves into its first quarter, you can continue to focus on building your power. However,  add an emphasis on creating positive energy now (while you focused on removing negative energy in the previous phase).

For example, now is an especially good time to connect with a particular object to draw power from when working to achieve the goals you set in the New Moon phase.

Ornaments, gemstones and jewelry are all popular choices, but you can choose anything.

The Waxing Gibbous Moon Rituals

Any moon that is more than half lit and yet less than fully lit is called a gibbous moon. The waxing gibbous is the phase in which the moon is steadily becoming more lit.

At this stage, your work is all about imagining success in vivid detail, so make sure your visualization are a little longer at this time of the month.

In addition, incorporate all the senses, not just sight, but sound, taste, smell and touch, to create the full picture.

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