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I asked for my spirit guide to come in for this journey (Cochise), he quickly appeared dancing with great intention around my fire.  He had on his knee high moccasins that were adorned with bells and feathers.  In his hands were two rattles that he danced with. 

We danced around the fire for some time and then he quickly swept me up to the sky world. 

We came to a place in the clouds that was very peaceful.  There was a group of ascended masters (chiefs from many nations sitting around a reflecting pool.  In the pool were the stars of the sky world.  They were smoking a pipe and gazing into the pool.  Once in a while one of them would reach in and stir a ripple in the water – which would cast the stars into a different formation. 

My guide continued to dance around the circle of masters.  He motioned me to sit with them and ask them my questions.

I joined the circle, a bit hesitant to be in their presence.  They laughed at me.  Then one of them stirred the water in the pool again and a stone appeared in the center of the pool – this was the stone to be for Stefanie!

Like the pool that they gaze into, the stone needs to have stars and all of the elements on it (no mineral – as the stone represents mineral).  Water must be the center which represents you, surrounded by earth, then nature and then fire and the stars of the upper world.

All around us sat Snowy Owls.  They watched motionless as we looked at the stone in the reflecting pool.  The elders told me that there was a message for you from these fine creatures.  The message is that like the snowy owl you must reflect on conserving your energy.  They want to teach you the importance of “timing” in life.  They also want to bring you the gift of prophecy from spirit.  To help you with astral projection during dreamtime if you are able to find a feather from the snowy owl and combine it with a feather from a white face gyrfalcon and tie these two feathers above your bed it will bring you to the ascended masters during dreamtime.

I thanked them for showing me this information; they also told me that you should pay attention to the heavens as they are always arranging the stars with the pool to show you messages.  They gave me one last message that when I finish the work with your stone it must be activated through water.

My guide brought me back to the middle world where a white buffalo appeared in the North.  It too carried a message; it watches over you on this plain, reminding you that survival here on this plain does not need to be a struggle.  When right action is joined together with right prayer and intention all will be provided!

The last vision my guide showed me which made me smile with awe of the beauty was when he returned to the fire and blew into the flames causing many small sparks to fly to the heavens, this was our way to send our love and requests up to the masters at the pool .. we are all one!


Aho my Sister, May this stone bring you the love of the masters always!



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