Client Services

Energy Healing

Cindy offers sessions that provide an intuitive form of Shamanic Reiki principals to aide in clearing energy blocks within the clients luminous energy field.  Sessions typically last 45 minutes.    


Cost: $35.00/session


In a journeying session Cindy provides either guided meditation or Shamanic Drumming to assist the clients in entering a meditative state.  Clients typically use these sessions to explore and find personal guides (power animals, spirit guides, ascended masters) to aide in their own healing journey.  These sessions typically last 30-45 minutes.


Cost:  $35.00/session

Clearing & Release

For clients that are struggling with physical and emotional issues that are related to blocked energies, soul loss or residual energetic cords, Cindy offers several methods of treatment to assist in the extraction, clearing and release of these blockages.


These sessions may vary in time and are priced accordingly.