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Despacho (pronounced: des-pah-cho) Is a Spanish word popularly used to refer to the traditional Andean offering of gratitude sent to the Nature Spirits, Holy Mountains, the Four Directions, and the five Elements.

It is a prayer bundle lined with dreams to express gratitude for what has yet to manifest. A despacho may contain as many as 200 different ingredients. It is created in a ceremony performed by an Andean Priest(s). This offering is traditionally burned, buried, or allowed to sink in a lake or other body of water depending on the meaning and purpose of the offering. Haywarisqa (pronounced: hi-wa-ree-ska) is the actual quechua term.


The Ayni despacho is done in order for Spirit, God, The Universe to begin aligning and supporting the person's intent. This despacho is a typical offering to mainfest health, wellness, new beginnings, job, travel, relationships, weddings, abundance, fertility, babies, selling or buying real estate, new town or city, etc....



The Aya despacho is a collection of prayers and reminiscences used to build a rainbow bridge to the other side. Any soul fragments that may be stuck or any unfinished business is called and placed in this despacho to be released in a fire ceremony. This is so the soul doesn't have to do this work in order to close this chapter (life) of their existence. This is a great celebration that honors them and the life they lived.


The Venta despacho is created with the business owners and partners present in the ceremony, or they have agreed to the contents prior to the ceremony beginning if all members cannot be present.

It remains wrapped in a sacred cloth within the business premises or buried at the entrance. The owner and all partners bring in their prayers for their business.



The Kuti despacho is used when someone is experiencing a series of occurrences that are seriously out of character, when everything is "not right" in their life or toxic.

This despacho deflects the hoocha (heavy dense energy) away from the person. It is outstanding at breaking patterns as it turns over what is wrong, mixing it all up. An Ayni despacho is always created following a Kuti Despacho to restore balance in the person's life.


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