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Cindy is a Shamanic Practitioner, working to achieve a balance of energy within my own life that creates a state of Anyi.  Only through Anyi are we able to co-exist gracefully with those things that might otherwise challenge us.  As a practitioner I share the gift of medicine that I have been blessed with.  I utilize the medicine tools I have accumulated to assist clients who are looking to release dense energies that no longer serve and are blocking the soul's access to spiritual growth.  I have been blessed with medicine that has been transforming in my own personal life to raise my own vibration and instill a shift that has put me on a firm spiritual path than nourishes my soul.  In working my medicine I bring my authenticity through three specific qualities; Humility, Reverence and Self-Discipline.



If someone stands up in front of a group and announces that they are a shaman, that's your first red flag. No authentic shaman ever claims the title. It just isn't done--ever. All authentic shamans know that the Powers to which they have access to are on loan from the spirits. They also know that when a practitioner becomes a little too full of themselves, proclaiming themselves to be this or that, this is the quickest way to lose connection with that Power. Accordingly, all authentic shamans tend to be very humble people. Sometimes people will use the term shamanic practitioner which is aligned with humility.



In this case, reverence refers to an active respect that is extended to everyone and everything, regardless of who and what they are. If you find yourself in a group with a teacher who is autocratic, demanding, condemning or rigid, you might reconsider your commitment to that teacher. If you find yourself in a travel group where the leader treats the locals unkindly or with disrespect, this is not a favorable sign.



If you have found yourself with a spiritual teacher who is arrogant, who expresses themselves through proclamation and pontification, or if you have found yourself in the presence of someone who seduces you with wonderful stories and accounts that may or may not be true, you're probably in the wrong place. If you hear through the grapevine that a well-published, well-traveled, and well-known teacher violates the boundaries of the students, specifically sexually, you would be better served to find a more trust-worthy individual to help facilitate your spiritual growth.

That said,  I encourage you to work with as many accomplished and authentically-initiated teachers as possible. In addition to their teachings, these individuals bring us into enhanced connection with each other, creating community. Through interconnection and cooperation with others of similar orientation and

training, our experience is broadened, our abilities sharpen to become more refined, and our knowledge deepens to become wisdom.


When we walk on the shamanic path of direct revelation, we engage in a spiritual practice in which we are to love all that we see with humility, live all that we feel with reverence, and know all that we possess with discipline ... a path that reflects our honor.