Shamanic Energy Healing Sessions

Cindy offers a variety of healing techniques to clear blocked energy centers, elemental alignment to increase manifestation and abundance, energetic readings to identify blockages, Ancestral line clearing & healing and Aromatouch therapy.  In addition, APU offers periodic sound healing sessions with guest sound healers, as well as, crystal bowl sound baths.


Sessions vary in pricing.  Contact Cindy to schedule an appointment and discuss your individualized session.  Sound Healing events are announced via the APU Mountain Spirit Newsl. Cindy collaborates with several other well known healers in her community network.  We all teach each other along the path and these connections have been instrumental in the healing services offered by APU.


Ancestral Clearing


Egg Cleansing
La Limpia Con Huevo

A transformative practice to remove barriers stemming from your past and your lineage.

The egg is the vessel. Think of the egg as a divination tool. The egg is going to energetically absorb all the unwanted energy and reveal if it was successful or not. Trust and know that the egg is like a vacuum, taking in any low vibrational energies from you and thus transmuting it for you.
Eggshells, otherwise known as cascarilla, have also been culturally linked to having protective abilities. Eggs in general are seen as tools for banishing bad energy.

Meet some of the healers in the APU healing network